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Thursday, 1 December 2011

@Phil: Postmodern Essay Stucture

Phil, I was hoping you could have a look at the essay structure of my postmodernism essay and see if I am on the right track before I begin writing the essay itself ?

Essay Title: A discussion of which the postmodernity theory of Metafiction is used to analysis and interpret  the Scream Franchise?

Essay Structure
  • Introduce and defining postmodernism in general terms.
  • Defining the postmodernity  theory of Metafiction in detail
  • With an additional paragraph about 'meta-film' and general history of slasher films that came prior to Scream
  • Introduce the Scream franchise
  • Introduce what came before and influenced the Scream films  (Using screen shots to help with comparing elements of the films with other films that come before e.g Halloween).
  • Further looking at the additional theories that Scream are  connect to such as Parody and Pastiche.
  • Introduce the fact that Parody and Pastiche are part of Metafiction
  • Look at how parody and pastiche are used in the scream films.

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