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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Major Project: Finished figuring parts of the Animation

From my last post I have made some changes and put back in the my asking the question I think it works better. I will be recording the questions and I would like to recorded the background noise but I am unable to go back into the school this week but hopefully soon. But for the time being I am getting on with modelling the props and set, ready for animating.

There are still a few tweaks I need to make to the timing and the end but hopefully every scenario works in terms of making people laugh.  

Next step is to figure out exactly what I have left to model and what and how I am going to go about animate each of the acts/scenarios. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Major Project: Putting concepts together

Using my original animatic, I have added the new concepts of each of the answers I created. At the moment their are few timing problems that need tweaking but now I think I have visuals for each answer, which you would expected from a child. 

Also I have cut out my voice asking the questions and just has the questions appear on screen. This way makes me feel as if the animation would lose something, maybe reordering the questions and then laying it over the original classroom soundtrack would be better. Definitely something that is on the top of my list to do first...

Friday, 7 February 2014

Major Project: Concept Development Part 2

Here are the next concepts for several of the answers I have been working on. They are in development, I still think that they could be pushed even more in terms of a child's imagination. But here is what I have come up with so far for each answer  .... 

"Every time I save a goal I get more money" 

" A Dollar "

"I am gonna play for west ham" 

The concepts below are development of my previous post, but with changes by sticking to the rules of child's imagination and West ham. 

" I gonna be the captain" 

This concept I have changed the telescope to a just a cardboard tube and added the West ham badge to the bandanna.  And the concept below and the idea I have settled on is having Tyler dressed up as a pirate with a cardboard sword, playing around and then knocks over the C. 

Major Project: Concept Development Part 1

With the next set of concepts, I have really tried to express what a child would be thinking and combined it with the influence of West ham. So the next sentence I worked on was , "It doesn't matter as long as we win". I found this one quite fun to work on and creating some strange and different ideas, such as the idea of a giant trophies  as seen below. 


B. Winners podium

C. Ballon trophies that fly away. 


E. confetti cellebration 



H. Hugging an inflatable trophy.

I. Pretending to be a trophy himself.  

The concept I am think about going with is I, with Tyler celebrating and when he zooms out we find that he is a trophy himself.