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Friday, 31 January 2014

Major Project: Figuring out parts of the Animation

The next line, I went back to from the voice over was "I am going to be the goalie captain". In my initial animatic, the visuals I had were Tyler standing next to a capital C, knocking it over and slipping away of screen. But it was suggested that maybe I think about how Tyler himself imagine being a captain, the ideas of him being a pirate captain, superhero captain were just a initial few ideas. 





From the drawings, I think I am going to stick with the idea of the capital C but have Tyler playing around on it dressed as a pirate, then knocking it over and cheekily walking away, like nothing happened. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Major Project: Concept Art

This first piece of concept art and the rest that will follow are not just about what environments and props I will need to design but for me to fully resolve some of the visual part of my animation. Making my overall animation feel as if we are actually seeing what Tyler would be picturing when he is answer the questions. One way of doing this is for me to think how a 6 year would, and start to think what would he be  thinking when he said that. So by breaking the voice over down and taking each of the answer Tyler said, I am going to draw a quick illustration for each answer, an attempt to capture the imagination of a child. Doing this will allow for me to create visuals for my animation that create the same laugh as the voice over does. 

So below is my first attempt an illustration to at the answer "When I get bigger, I am gonna go to France " 

Major Project: Proposal

My last project was not the last time we will be seeing Tyler, as my major project is carrying off from where I left my minor project. Below is my major project proposal and timetable that I aim to follow for this project. 

Onwards and Upwards !!!!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Minor Project: Tyler Skinned and Rigged

Tyler is finally skinned and rigged, took me longer than I thought with Christmas and running into a few problems. But now its done, quiet looking forward to posing him and experimenting with a walk cycle. Its been testing sometimes but with ever step of the process I have leant something that maybe I didn't know before and in the end its been worth going through it all.

Below is just Tyler in the West ham kit but his uniform has also been rigged and skinned as well.

Next step is for me too fix a couple of textures, that I noticed need some more work to them. But then onto creating a turnaround ready for final rendering.