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Monday, 30 September 2013

Minor Project: Starting to move forward !!!

After a quick conversation with Phil today, I fill like I am making some kind of progress and not just stuck waiting around. It was suggested that I look at asking adults and not just children, which would allow for me to have a wide variety of answer to choose from at the end. But also make me fill personal like I am not just sitting around not doing nothing.  So hopefully tomorrow I be able to collected the voice recorder and start asking people over the next couple of days and get my primary research started.

Also I just found out I been given permission to be able to go back to my old primary school and speak to pupils and ask them to fill in a type of worksheet asking draw what it is they want to be. Also I have been given permission to record their answers, which is a major plus because I was worried that this would take time. But they are allowing me to go to their after school club Thursday which is a mixed of different ages to start off. But also if I need more primary research I would be able to go in another time, when parents permission is given, and gather more research.

Above is a quick worksheet asking what they want to grow up but more focusing on the drawing, which would really help with style and character. So for now I just got to make sure I have the right question to ask ready for Thursday, using the next couple of days to find out what the best question to ask would be to get the best answers. But for now everything looks like its moving forward nicely :) 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Minor Project: Idea Development

After my tutorial Friday, I know that I want my animation to be aim at primary/ junior school children. I did realise that I will need to collected my answer/stories as soon as possible, as soon as this is done then I be able to start thinking about which direction I will go with my animation and character design. So tomorrow I am aiming to find out when  be able to go, into a school and speak to some children about growing up and what they want to be. With the overall aim of having my stories, answers or even so images collected by the end of the week ready to start developing my project. 

So at the moment I have been doing some initial research, watching video helping me find away I can ask the question but at the same time not promoting their answer, allowing them to do the speaking.  A few example that stuck out for me: 

Initial Style Research 

Also been looking at different styles my animation could be influenced by, at first I though maybe in the children book/Illustration style, with simple shapes and bright colours.

Another influence I could go for could be when I gather my answer I could ask the children to draw what they want to be, and my animation could be in the style as if a child had drawn it. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project: Inital Ideas

I know for my minor I would like to create a short animation and after having a quick chat with Alan today about my initial idea of creating an animation based on children's imagination about growing up and what they want to be. Now I can see there are many different ways I could go with this idea. Here are just a few, quiet rough ideas I have so far:

  • A charming animation based around a child talking about growing up, their dream, what they want to be when their older, what they think it would be about. Creating a animation around their answers. 
Below is a video of a story book based on answer from  kids, so of their answering where interesting. 

  • Another idea would be to create a sentimental animation in a style of an adult reminiscing about what they want to be when there we younger. Maybe even in the style of there inner child speaking to them.  
  • This animation below is an example of  another way I could go with my own animation, Instead of designing my character as human I could go with an more creature comfort style in terms of my character, this could be an animal or even just a every day plain object.

  • I think going and asking, getting actual stories that I haven't made up, allowing me to create my animation around their stories. Listening to their stories, would also help with creating a story of my own animation.

More to follow !

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Minor Proposal: Getting some thoughts down...

With year 3 officially begun, and minor briefing been done, it’s time to start getting down some initial thoughts I been having about my minor project. I know that I want my minor project to emphasis imagination and dreams, more specifically children’s imagination. 

And then the other day it clicked there is something my little cousin said to me the other day, ' when I grow up I want to be .....’ and it’s something every child says.  From wanting to be a doctor, superhero, chef, race car driver, the possibilities are endless and sometimes there answers can be quiet funny. So one idea would be to create and animation with character design answering the question how they would. 

This is just a thought I have had but I think there is potential and there are different ways I could go with this idea. 

Here are a few animations I found enjoyable and quiet charming answering the question when I grow up I want to be.... 

More to come....