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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project: Inital Ideas

I know for my minor I would like to create a short animation and after having a quick chat with Alan today about my initial idea of creating an animation based on children's imagination about growing up and what they want to be. Now I can see there are many different ways I could go with this idea. Here are just a few, quiet rough ideas I have so far:

  • A charming animation based around a child talking about growing up, their dream, what they want to be when their older, what they think it would be about. Creating a animation around their answers. 
Below is a video of a story book based on answer from  kids, so of their answering where interesting. 

  • Another idea would be to create a sentimental animation in a style of an adult reminiscing about what they want to be when there we younger. Maybe even in the style of there inner child speaking to them.  
  • This animation below is an example of  another way I could go with my own animation, Instead of designing my character as human I could go with an more creature comfort style in terms of my character, this could be an animal or even just a every day plain object.

  • I think going and asking, getting actual stories that I haven't made up, allowing me to create my animation around their stories. Listening to their stories, would also help with creating a story of my own animation.

More to follow !


  1. Hey Sasha, yes - I agree with you - go out and gather stories. Take a look at this animation for further inspiration - I loved it!

    Things could take a surreal turn, couldn't they? For example, you could record someone talking about wanting to grow up to be something else, like a bird, or a spaceman or something, but the actual character doing the talking is an anvil, or you've got an acorn on screen when the voice-track is talking about wanting to grow up to be and strong. In this way, you could have a collection of 'characters' (some of them inanimate cg objects that just move a little bit) and some of them life-forms etc. You could play some lovely sweet visual gags - as things that could never achieve what they dream about doing describe their fantasies. One way you could create the content would be to ask everyone to write down for you their 'what I wanted to be' stories, and then get voice actors to narrate them after you'd chosen a lovely selection. Anyway, I think this has the makings of a really lovely project :)

  2. Hey Phil, yeah that is defiantly something to think about, the animation show this really well. Time to start collecting stories and move forward with this idea :)