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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Minor Proposal: Getting some thoughts down...

With year 3 officially begun, and minor briefing been done, it’s time to start getting down some initial thoughts I been having about my minor project. I know that I want my minor project to emphasis imagination and dreams, more specifically children’s imagination. 

And then the other day it clicked there is something my little cousin said to me the other day, ' when I grow up I want to be .....’ and it’s something every child says.  From wanting to be a doctor, superhero, chef, race car driver, the possibilities are endless and sometimes there answers can be quiet funny. So one idea would be to create and animation with character design answering the question how they would. 

This is just a thought I have had but I think there is potential and there are different ways I could go with this idea. 

Here are a few animations I found enjoyable and quiet charming answering the question when I grow up I want to be.... 

More to come.... 

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