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Monday, 30 September 2013

Minor Project: Starting to move forward !!!

After a quick conversation with Phil today, I fill like I am making some kind of progress and not just stuck waiting around. It was suggested that I look at asking adults and not just children, which would allow for me to have a wide variety of answer to choose from at the end. But also make me fill personal like I am not just sitting around not doing nothing.  So hopefully tomorrow I be able to collected the voice recorder and start asking people over the next couple of days and get my primary research started.

Also I just found out I been given permission to be able to go back to my old primary school and speak to pupils and ask them to fill in a type of worksheet asking draw what it is they want to be. Also I have been given permission to record their answers, which is a major plus because I was worried that this would take time. But they are allowing me to go to their after school club Thursday which is a mixed of different ages to start off. But also if I need more primary research I would be able to go in another time, when parents permission is given, and gather more research.

Above is a quick worksheet asking what they want to grow up but more focusing on the drawing, which would really help with style and character. So for now I just got to make sure I have the right question to ask ready for Thursday, using the next couple of days to find out what the best question to ask would be to get the best answers. But for now everything looks like its moving forward nicely :) 

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