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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Minor Project: First attempt at gathering answers

This afternoon I spent some time asking several children what is it that want to be when they grow up. I honestly at first didn't think it would be so hard, but after the first couple of chats I realised that I would have to ask some more question about what it was that they want to be, if I want to gather another research to help with my project. So out of ten children I have put the best ones that I thought had potential into a video, after so quick editing (sorry for my voice ) This is what I have got so far..... 

Here are a few pictures of what some of them wanted to be when they grow up: 

Tarry 6yrs old

Mia 7yrs old

Shreeya 6yrs old 

Connie 6yrs old

Koyin 7yrs old

Gemma 6yrs old

Altogether I don't think it was a successful trip but it wasn't unsuccessful trip at the same time cause what I have gathered today is a start and I will be spending the whole day on Monday at my old primary school gathering as many answers and drawings as possible. Maybe I should re-think about how I should go about asking the question to get as many useful  answers as possible, something to think about by then. 

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  1. Sasha - some of these are already very charming, and actually it was nice having your voice in there, especially when you begin to relax yourself and fall into a conversation. You've no doubt learned a lot already from this first attempt, and that's brilliant - just getting out there like that and making it happen. I posted a new animation 'Blank On Blank' on the group blog, which is but one example of many, and I suggest you take a look, because I think it's going to help you think about creative ways to get into this project in terms of the visuals. Really pleased with your progress, Sasha - and even the noise in the background of the interviews lends authenticity to the content, so it's all good - and the sound quality of the kids' voices is great :)

    So - watch this:

    and also - you've probably seen this already - this: