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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Minor Project: First Draft of Animatic

The next step for me is to go ahead and start the animatic. At the moment I am still undecided with whether to stick with my animation just being about Tyler's recording or to have my animation be about several recordings. I know there are many different ways that I could go with Tyler's recording and there is alot to work with but I also like the idea of having variety of answers to see the differences in them.  So I am going to make very ruff and quick animatic for both, to see how the animation would play out for either one. Then I will decided which way my animation will go, taking the animatic to develop further to improve. 

So here is the first 40 seconds of the animatic for just Tyler's recording, 

Also I did a quick sketch of Tyler character so that I have something to base my character on for the animatic. In terms of my character, I am going to work on designing him bit by bit, the face, structure, clothing etc. I defiantly know that I am going to stick with simple shapes and basic line, like my previous design experiment, for my overall visual. 

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  1. Hi Sasha, see link

    Also - I know you and Alan have had a chat about your animatic, and that he's encouraging you to have a bit more fun in terms of your visualisations - a bit more creative in terms of the transitions - and I agree that you should more fully exploit the imagery. Things are progressing nicely though :)