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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Minor Project: Character Design Progress

In terms of structure for my character I kind of think it is nearly there. After my tutorial yesterday, and some pointers of what works and what doesn't with my previous designs. This design is a combination of several of my previous designs. The body of number 1 and the top part of the body of number 2. And the head of number 3 for the moment as it still needs work but  the reason why I choose this out of all the other designs  is because it shows the type of design I  am going for with the hair, really ruff and messed up to add to the personality of the character. 

With the structure I have at the moment I have been looking at types of clothing for my character. I know my character is going to be designed twice because he needs two sets of clothing, one is his uniform which is what he starts and ends up in and then the football kit which he wears when he is own little dream world. I know from the recording that he is going to be in a football kit more specifically west ham kit .The image below is a couple of experiments  of the different style of kits. 

At the moment I not to sure to stick with the black or white or to have some colour in my animation, so I think when refining my character to looking at experiment and seeing if adding flat colour to the designs works. Also maybe adding colour will make it a little easier for the audiences to recognise what team he want to play for straight away. Also Alan suggested maybe experiment with adding texture to the design  making it feeling like actual children drawings. So some stuff to experiment with my refining my design. 

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