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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Minor Project: Begining of Character Design

Today I started, looking at designing my characters, I haven't yet chosen the final answers I will use yet. But I the one that stuck out from listen to them all, was the ballerina answer. So I decided to give it ago at designing a character to help me with decided how I was going to go about creating my final characters etc. It really helped, I know can see how simple shapes and lines can work for a character. Its early days but I can see potential 

Also I decided to look at adding colour but in comparison I think the line drawing works much better, and with colour it takes away from the line art. But on thing I did do was look at maybe be having it seem as of a child has coloured the character in them self, which I thought worked much better then block colours.  

Next is to choose my final three /answers/voiceover, so I can start designing the characters.  

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