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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Minor Project: First Character Chosen

For my first character, I am defiantly going with is Tyler  and his answers for my animation. His answers give me alot to work with, with how I could animate him and he was the best recording I collected. Below is an edited version of his answer with my voice edited out. The only problem with Tyler's  answers is that his interview goes on for about 2 and half minutes so I will have to find a way that I can cut it down without losing any of the best bits.  Which means alot of playing around with the recording till I find the best result.

Also in the video there are spaces were the other two characters would be answers the question. At the the moment, I am editing the other recordings I have, then I will experiment with them, seeing which ones works best with Tyler's answers, to give me a variety of characters for my animation. 

In terms of Tyler's answers, the next step is to start designing  a character for the voice, which I am looking forward too..

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  1. so sweet - I think there's lots of opportunities for surrealism here - Tyler surrounded by sweets, sweets in the frying pan, sweets pouring out of his cereal box, sweets pouring out of the milk bottle etc. You know, you may not even need a second voice track, Sasha - this could be the one! But I'll wait to see your other choices - but yes, this is a lot of fun, because I like the way the suggestion of cynicism (i.e. lots of money!) quickly gives way to a lovely flight of fantasy about living on sweets :)