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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Maya - Custom Fur's

Defult Fur with black Lambert .

Defult Fur with raytracing.

Low density render.
High density render

High density with scraggle render.

Clumping and scraggle render.

Baldness render.

Inclination render.

Roll render.

Polar render.

Maya - Intro to Texturing Using Fur Attributes

100% Bear Fur Without Shadows.

100% Bear Fur With Shadows.

100% Bison Fur.

50% Bison and 50% Bear Fur.


100% Sheep Fur.

100% Porcupine Fur.

 Fur example is 25% Bear, 25% Sheep, 25% Bison and 25% Porcupine.


Fur Type:- Polar Bear


Adding Length to Fur.

 Adding a black Lambert underneath.

Self Shade Darkness = 1

Self Shade Darkness = 0.8

Self Shade Darkness = 0.6

Self Shade Darkness = 0.4

Self Shade Darkness = 0.2

Fur Type:- Bear

Global Density 50,000.

Global Density 5,000.

Global Density 50,000 with UVs of 64.

Controlled density and baldness.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Film Review - Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Fig.1 Film Poster

Director Roman Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a psychological horror film which took the horror genre in a new direction. Rosemary’s Baby was Polanski’s second horror film following his first Repulsion (1958). Both films are about a mentally unstable, sexually terrified women left alone in her apartment. Focusing on the horror’s of apartment dwelling. “Roman Polanski made this gripping film which scares the audience through clever direction and storytelling and without the traditional horror movie "monster".” ( Hill, 1968)

Based on the novel Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin (1967) in Roman Polanski’s hands becomes a multi-layered, seminal horror film that exposes collective subconscious fears and cultural anxieties” (Valdez, 2009). In Polanski's psychological film there are such topic's that are touched upon  such as Satanism and motherhood making this film even more intriguing to watch.

Fig.2 Film Still

The creepy, eerie Gothic film is about a young couple moving into a  New York apartment and planning to start a family.  We first meet Rosemary and Guy as they are planning on moving into a large, rambling old apartment building in Central Park West that looks as if it is falling apart around them.  We find out in the beginning that the previous tenant of the apartment died mysteriously. So right from the start there is an unsettling tone to this film. They slowly and reluctantly become friends, with the overly-solicitous and intrusive elderly couple next door.  The following events slowly unfolded  through the eyes of Rosemary the naive young wife. Guy is an ambitious actor who will not stop at anything to make it to the big time, even willing to bargain with the devil and betray his wife. The true nature of what they have done to Rosemary is gradually revealed to us in the dramatic last 20 minutes of the film. Finding out that their neighbours are witches and that Guy has allowed them to impragnate Rosemary with the seed of the devil. Rosemary is trapped and alone forced to give bith to the spawn of Satan.

Fig.3 Film Still

In the final scene we see the triumphant of evil that is disturbing and can be said that “There is a certain touch of black humor in the proceedings that underlines the horror” ( Biodrowski, 2008) This is seen in the final scene when Rosemary herself and the audience actually find out that all the things that have happened to her were not just her imagination but that they were real. The baby is not shown but what we are given is a brief flashback to the red eyes that Rosemary saw in her dream earlier as well as being told that the baby itself is the spawn of Satan. Subtly it allows the audience to make up their own images/ideas of what it could look like. It could be said that the Rosemary’s Baby is actually a symbol of the Anti-Christ. Who will cause death and destruction to the world the total opposite to Christ. What is so chilling in this last scene is when Rosemary becomes one of them and even though she known’s that it is the Spawn of Satan her maternal instincts kick in. The film ending as we watch Rosemary rocking her baby to sleep.

Fig.4 Film Still

One thing that can be noticed is that “The film’s strength lies in the way that Polanski plays out the ambiguity in the drama” (Travers, 2005) The audience never known’s whether what we are seeing is real or just the hallucinations of Rosemary’s over-active imagination. In the end we are left with the conclusion that Rosemary’s experience were real after all.  Polanski film shows someone's experience of being paranoid and losing their sanity.  It is that well filmed that by the end the audience can understand how it feels to be paranoid just that little bit.

Fig.5 Film Still

Polanski’s Rosemary's Baby is one of those well-crafted movies that show the viewer that horror doesn't necessarily have to equate to blood and gore to be frightening.  

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Influence Map 2

Here is my second influence map broken down
Image 1 and 2 - Artist Gregory Crewdson work I have been influence with especially his work that include windows in.
Image 3 - Abandoned Buildings.
Image 4 - The film 28 Days Later.
Image 5 and 6 - Are images of the places that my ideas are based on New York Subway and a Hospital.

Other Idea Plus more Thumbnails (17-29)

After my first thumbnails I decided to look into another of my initial ideas, as I might find another idea I like better. So one of my other ideas was an abandoned  New York Subway.

Here are my thumbnails I have done for this idea.
Thumbnails (17-29)

With these thumbnails there are two parts of the subway that my ideas have been focusing on. The first being a perspective of looking down the tracks and making the train seem empty. The second is having the perspective that you are looking out of the train into the train opposite. With this idea I was thinking of placing an object on the other train opposite that shouldn't be there and with the perspective focusing on it.

Essay Idea

For our unit 3 essay we were asked to investigate 'the uncanny' in relation to specific images, artworks, artefacts, films or games. So for my essay I was thinking about investigating 'the uncanny' of clowns.  Even though clowns are know to make us feel happy they have the ability to disturb us. You can say that this is becasue of the excessive likness to the human form that they are 98% realistic but the other 2% that they are not is what we notice when we look at them. Some people have said that clowns have always shared an uncanny connection to the dead and here are just a few reason i found
- Perhaps it is their pale white face paint or red noses that remind us primordially of plagues and other illness. 
- Perhaps it is the fact that they seem to be archetypes or embodiments of a singular emotion. As well as  incapable of feeling anything other than constant laughter bordering on the sinister. 
- Or  is it that uncanny valley between human and something else.

Now that I have got an idea of what my essay could be about I was wondering would I just look at clowns in just one spectific thing or in a varity of things the breif asks for.

Inspiration - 28 Days Later (Film)

At  the project briefing at the beginning of this unit I remember seeing a film still form the film 28 Days  on the presentation. So I decided to watch the film for inspiration towards my ideas. Even though the film is basically about zombie's I was looking at the abandoned scene's in the film to influence my ideas. With my ideas I wanted to make my scene seem abandoned and that the objects tell a story. As you can see from these film stills they can be interbreed so that you have a story in your head to explain what has happen if you did not have the fall story in the beginning.