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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Artists Research

Here are a couple of artist that I have looked into in detail that I thought would help me with my initial ideas that I have got so far.
Gregory Crewdson
American Photographer

Beneath The Roses (Trouble with Harry's) (2004)

Crewdson is best know for his elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighbourhoods. Ass you can see for his work he produces scenarios that are like film stills and are almost experience as to produce a film. Here are just a few of his many photos :-

Twilight (2001)

The best thing about Crewdson works is when you look at his photograph's they somehow make you play out this whole movie in your head. You want to know what's happened, how is going to end, how it even started etc. The way that his work looks like film stills makes you actually think that it is real but the thing is it is all set up to take this one photograph. Crewdson photos has something about them that can not be identified and can be interpreted in more than one way (a vagueness about them).

Sandy Skoglund
American Photographer and Installation Artist

Skoglund creates surrealist images by building elaborate sets and furnishing them with carefully selected small children and other objects. A process of which takes her months to complete. Finally she takes photographs of the set complete with actors. The works are characterized by an overwhelming amount of one object that are either bright/contrasting colors or a monochromatic color scheme.

Revenge of the Goldfish (1981)

Maybe Babies (1983)

Germs are Everywhere (1984)

Radioactive Cats (1980)

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