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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Research - Halloween II

Halloween II (1981)

Halloween is a the first of a serious of film's that have got several sequels and that have have been re-made as well (I think there is 9 or 10 Halloween films altogether). But I am just looking at one  which is Halloween II. At the moment i am drawn to the idea of hospital scene for my final piece. So taking Phil's advice i decided to look at this film for some inspiration.  I am glad i did because this film shows how an hospital can become a creep place when there are fewer people and have a good light source to great a mood. When you think of a hospital you think of a safe and homely environment but this film has made this environment the opposite making it seem dangerous and creepy.

Rick Rosental 1981 film Halloween II is one of the many sequels to the first film Halloween. Set on the night of Halloween 1978 in the town of Haddonfield. The unkillable Micheal Myres follows his victim Laurie Strode to the nearby hospital. While Dr.Lomis is still in pursuit of his patient the disturbing Micheal Myres.

Here a just a few photos that i found interesting to look at when looking it this film. What these images show is how the use of light and shadow can change the whole aspect of an environment.

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