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Monday, 13 December 2010

Influence Map 2

Here is my second influence map broken down
Image 1 and 2 - Artist Gregory Crewdson work I have been influence with especially his work that include windows in.
Image 3 - Abandoned Buildings.
Image 4 - The film 28 Days Later.
Image 5 and 6 - Are images of the places that my ideas are based on New York Subway and a Hospital.

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  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Sasha - well, I guess it's decision time! The subway idea is promising, and the hospital scene is promising; both environments will lend themselves to creating the kind of effect we're looking for - so, which is the environment that interests you more? Simplicity is often the key with this particular project - especially if the student is new to Maya. My guts say go for the subway (your guts may say something different!). I just think, with the subway, you can play more expressionistically with lighting and go for something more theatrical. What's useful too about choosing an environment that is situated in a particular city (New York) is that all the visual references to help you model the scene are easily available - and you need to refer to real word references always if you want your cg sets to convince. That said, when it comes to your lighting of the scene, you can take artistic license and produce some very dramatic effects. Anyway, the choice is yours - but play to your strengths!

    Re. your unit 3 essay, I think 'clowns' are a fascinating choice: clownphobia is alive and real!

    What you'll need to be careful about is ensuring that you first show your understanding of the uncanny, before you get into the issue of clownphobia - and use the ideas of Freud etc. to 'unpack' the issue of clown phobia. Check out the following link for guidance: