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Monday, 13 December 2010

Essay Idea

For our unit 3 essay we were asked to investigate 'the uncanny' in relation to specific images, artworks, artefacts, films or games. So for my essay I was thinking about investigating 'the uncanny' of clowns.  Even though clowns are know to make us feel happy they have the ability to disturb us. You can say that this is becasue of the excessive likness to the human form that they are 98% realistic but the other 2% that they are not is what we notice when we look at them. Some people have said that clowns have always shared an uncanny connection to the dead and here are just a few reason i found
- Perhaps it is their pale white face paint or red noses that remind us primordially of plagues and other illness. 
- Perhaps it is the fact that they seem to be archetypes or embodiments of a singular emotion. As well as  incapable of feeling anything other than constant laughter bordering on the sinister. 
- Or  is it that uncanny valley between human and something else.

Now that I have got an idea of what my essay could be about I was wondering would I just look at clowns in just one spectific thing or in a varity of things the breif asks for.

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