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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Very Rough Initial Idea

For my first initial idea I am thinking about taking a environment/spaces that are always populated and crowed with people but removing the people from them. There is something uncanny about an environment that is always has people in it. So i did a quick brainstorm and these are the variety of different environments I come up with :-

a) An Airport

b) An Hospital (mainly the hall). This is the idea that I am drawn to at the moment because personally I think that their is something uncanny about an empty hospital that is always populated with patients and doctors.

 c) A mall (shopping centre)

 d) An underground subway

e) A prison

f) A main street

 g) An underground car park

The next step for me is to research into a variety of different artist for inspiration towards my rough ideas

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sasha - check out the original Halloween 2 (1982, I think) - all of that action takes place in a hospital and it's nicely creepy...