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Friday, 11 October 2013

Minor Project: Narrowing my choice of answer's

I have narrowed down my choices of about 20 answers to 8, these where the ones that stood out to me. These where the answers that hat made me laugh but also have personal qualities that I could use when designing the character and animating . 

In the answers, I noticed that the boys were the more confident in their answers and would go off track with their answers and start talking about something totally different. Which gives me a bit to work with.  

Out of the 5, the one that stands out the most is Tyler's answer, that is because I can hear he is impatient when he is answers the questions, as if I have asked him before. But I also like the way he is confident to go off track with the answers and start talking about something totally different. 

But the girls are totally different in the way they answers their answers they were shy but knew what they wanted to be, they are totally different to the boys which gives  variety, to my choice. 

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