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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Minor Project: Project Update

After my second tutorial yesterday, I feel a lot better about my project, and a lot least confused in terms of how my animation was going to play out in terms of story. Because I have these voice over, and a visual style I wanted but no actually story to put them into. So far in terms of how the animation will play out I have:

That it is going to be set in a primary school classroom/library, with three totally different character and three different answers, taking it in turns to answer question on what they want to be when they grow up. It will play out with each character answer the question one after each other, so that the viewer can see the variety in there answers, with even the character acting it out when they are explaining it to the viewer. 

This is really ruff but after Monday when I have all three chosen voice overs,  I will be able to sit down and actually start developing this further. 

One thing I have done is  gone back  and re-write my project proposal.

One thing I have decided out of the voice recordings so far, I decided to go forward and think about creating a character for the ballerina answers. Out of all of them, I personal think their are a lot of personal qualities to the voice over that I could use when designing my character. From the voice over I think that the character would be, cute, quiet shy, girly, adorable, graceful.   

This might change though depending on what other answers I will get on Monday though. But for now doesn't help to just start getting some design done.

Also I have been watching some of the videos of the Kids say the funniest things on YouTube, and the video below I thought I would share, as it did make me giggle with some of their answers to when you grow up what would you like to be :)

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