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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Major Project: Concept Art

This first piece of concept art and the rest that will follow are not just about what environments and props I will need to design but for me to fully resolve some of the visual part of my animation. Making my overall animation feel as if we are actually seeing what Tyler would be picturing when he is answer the questions. One way of doing this is for me to think how a 6 year would, and start to think what would he be  thinking when he said that. So by breaking the voice over down and taking each of the answer Tyler said, I am going to draw a quick illustration for each answer, an attempt to capture the imagination of a child. Doing this will allow for me to create visuals for my animation that create the same laugh as the voice over does. 

So below is my first attempt an illustration to at the answer "When I get bigger, I am gonna go to France " 

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