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Friday, 7 February 2014

Major Project: Concept Development Part 2

Here are the next concepts for several of the answers I have been working on. They are in development, I still think that they could be pushed even more in terms of a child's imagination. But here is what I have come up with so far for each answer  .... 

"Every time I save a goal I get more money" 

" A Dollar "

"I am gonna play for west ham" 

The concepts below are development of my previous post, but with changes by sticking to the rules of child's imagination and West ham. 

" I gonna be the captain" 

This concept I have changed the telescope to a just a cardboard tube and added the West ham badge to the bandanna.  And the concept below and the idea I have settled on is having Tyler dressed up as a pirate with a cardboard sword, playing around and then knocks over the C. 

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  1. Hi - it's NSS time :)

    See link - and 'done it' when you've done it :)