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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Style Research Part 2: Watercolour & Ink

Another style influences I have been looking into is watercolour and ink. The reason I decided this type of style is because I like how the way the images in animations morph into one another. And as my initial idea is to have paintings come alive I think that this style might be a way to go. 

My first example is a music video from French D Breakbots with his song Baby I', Yours, which uses over 2000 hand-painted watercolour images. The use of vibrant colours is why I like this  animation. 

Jeff Scher

In his animations Scher uses watercolour paintings and drawings, in which the colour varies wildly from frame to frame while the forms remain consistent, as well as the odd image from a news paper, adverts etc. Resulting in some quiet funky animations. 

L'eau Life shark ending 

Lost and Found 

Chinese Water Colour Animation 

When research, I noticed many Chinese watercolour animations and decided to look  further into this.

Feelings of Mountains and Water 

Is a Chinese animated short, originally released in 1988, and directed by Te Wei, one of China's most prominent animation directors. This film uses his distinct "brush painting" technique, which mimics traditional Chinese watercolour painting. This was the last film Te Wei made, and it has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world.

The Fight Between the Snipe and the Calm
Yu Bang Xiang Zheng 1983

The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind 
Tang Lang Bu Chan (1988)

Le Papillon 
Antoine Antin & Jenny  Rakotomamonjy (2002)

One thing about choosing a watercolour & ink style, there might be trouble express the style with the use of 3D.  So if I was to go down this route I will need to think about how I would create my idea 3D, 2D or both, this is something to think about. 


  1. saw this - thought of you!

    1. Thank you Phil, really amazing and maybe the way I want to go with my character :D