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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Minor Project: Modelling Update

So I have model Tyler's head and now have put everything I have modelled together. Now just a few minor tweaks to make, especially the shoes, still losing something from my original design there. So will need to go back and work on them. Apart form that next step is uving and then on to rigging him. 

As you can see I have not quiet finished modelling Tyler hair, but I am still able to go on to rigging. Because when I add his hair on when its modelled, it will not effect Tyler's rig, as it is just part of the head and doesn't need a rig itself. The hair is a big part of his design and I don't want to lose anything from the design by rushing on to the next step.This allows for me to move forward with the next process and still be able to model the hair to the best it can be. 

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