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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Major Project : Tyler's Classroom

The classroom set for my animation has been modelled and texturing and lighting has been started. For my animation I am going to use vectors lines, with my hand drawn textures. Then the objects will have an outline and stand out from the white background.

Below are experiments with different vector lines and compositing them on to my render. 

 0.1 width

 0.3 width

width 0.4 

 Width 0.6

Close up of wall display 

I think that 0.1 and  0.3 width vector lines work the best, but Still need to refine the textures and maying adding some objects on the cupboards at the back so it does not look too empty. But now I have a set , I can start thinking about starting animating the first part of my animation, while still finish texturing and lighting 

1 comment:

  1. very nice, Sasha - and yes, for me it's 0.3 too: maybe a spider-plant or a cheese-plant on the back cupboards - and just lots more books on there - some in piles, some lined up - a bit untidy etc. Keep going! Your world is looking very cute!