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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Film Review- The Fly 1958

The first film we watched was the 1958 film The Fly directed by Kurt Neumann is an science fiction horror story with an mystery behind it. To summarise the plot it is about a scientist who is working on an experiment that transports matter . After several problems it finally works and then he decides to go through the device himself. But something went terribly wrong and he has somehow become spliced with a fly.
 At the beginning of the film you see the scientist is died and his wife is the main suspect. When the woman finally opens up and tell the inspector what actually happen in the last few days. This is when i personally think the mood changes in the film and the tension rises as we watch the flashback.

'Neumann and writers George Langelaan and James Clavell perpetuate the mystery skillfully. We’re not quite sure what the story is, but we’re given enough information to make guesses. At the same time, we’re not so in the dark that we just become irritated and give up.' I agree with this quote that because at the beginning of the film all you know that this scientist has been killed. I like that the story slowly starts to unravel making you become hooked and wanted to WHY!. Neumann made it so that you don't jump straight into the main storyline and that you are introduced to the characters  so you get the understanding into the characters themselves.

'Andre has learned the hard way the perils of trying to bend the laws of nature too far.' I agree with this quote i found from a review and i personally think that behind everything in the film their was a meaning and that was karma. But that is just my opinion that Andre (scientist) learnt that by bending the laws of nature  it comes with consequences like turning into a fly.
 'This pretty sub-standard but infamous 50s horror film is more science fiction than anything else. It may have been heralded a classic, but in reality, it's not that good thanks to it dating very rapidly with some hokey effects towards the film's finale.'I left this quote the end because i had mixed feelings about it because i agree that it is dated but that is because of when it was made. But i also disagree because even though it was a man in a mask i don't think you can say it anit a classic. It might not be the typical gorey horror film but it had imagination which made the story and made it an classic.

Overall i enjoyed watching the film but found that it was slow gettting into but that was the way that Neumann wanted the film to be so that you undestood why everything was happening. I also like the way that the film had several meanings and showed serveal emotions for example the way that Helene (Andre wife) still cared for and wanted to help her husband even everthing that had happened.

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