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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Project

For this summer project, the soundscape that I picked out of the mystery blue box was soundscape 12. The soundscape itself is an orchestral piece of music that is very atmospheric and suspenseful. With my initial thoughts of my soundscape being that it is a dramatic and unnerving piece of music. It's the type of music that you would find in a horror film or even the soundtrack to one of Alfred Hitchcock’s many films. An example of this is Hitchcock’s 1960 film “Psycho”, where the music plays a big part in adding to the suspense of the story. The way that the soundscape is structure, is that all the way through you know that something intense is happening. It is then built up suspenseful, with it ending quickly and dramatically, as if something terrible has happened, within them few minutes you are listening.

When I listen to the soundscape, I picture a different environment every time, with most of them being places where a horror film would be set. Such as
  • A Castle or Castle Courtyard
  • A Graveyard
  • An Haunted or Deserted House
  • A Church
  • An Deserted City/town
In terms of Character Design, I see some kind of transformation/metamorphosis happening to one or more of the characters. The reason I am thinking about this is because when I first listen to this soundscape, it remind me of the film "Black Swan". I thought that the orchestral music that is used in a scene where the main lead metamorphosis into the black swan, sounded a little like my soundscape. So I thought that my story idea could be based around metamorphosis. I think that my music fits perfectly with this idea because the soundscape tells a story itself. With the beginning happened suspense is added, and then the music becomes even more intense and suddenly ending dramatically. This is just an initial idea I had for a story, in terms of the character design this is something that I will have to experiment with. But first I think I need to get some ideas going in term of story ideas, and find a story that would suit the soundscape.

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  1. Hey Sasha - nice to have you back in the mix :D I look forward to seeing some visual stuff of yours on here soon.