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Monday, 26 September 2011

Character Design: Initial Thoughts for SteamPunk Secret Agents

After some initial research, I think that my two genres fit together quiet nicely, which I am happy about. Here are my initial thoughts I had to help with creating a backstory for my three characters (Hero, Sidekick and Villain):

- As Steampunk is a Victorian science fiction, maybe the story should be set in a Victorian era. Meaning that the characters will be design to look Victorian in terms of the clothes they wear. Also there will be steam powered gadgets, as any agent should have gadgets.
- As a secret agent or a spy they always have a villain that is their personal nemesis. I think that this would work nicely, as my secret agent would be the hero and the nemesis would be the villain. Maybe the story could be about the hero trying to stop the villain but never actually catching him, as he seems to get away at the last minute.

- For the villain I like the idea of the design of the character to have lots of steam powered body parts. The personality would be the opposite to the hero’s and he would look the opposite in term of the way he looks.

- The secret agent would have a sidekick like all agents have, that does all the paperwork and Intel.

 Initial Story Idea

A really rough Idea I had was that an agent form the Victorian ear with his steam power gadgets would somehow end up in the current year (which would be the 80s’) alone with his trusty sidekick. Thy end up working for the spy agencies in that year. But somehow their nemesis form the original era ends up there to. Meaning there battle continues but just in another era.

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