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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Transcription: Modelling Started on First Building

I deiced that I would choose the most resolved of my design and start modelling and then start experiment with texturing, to find the best method to create my designs. So I decided to start modelling the Bookshop design.

Here is how far I have got with modelling, still got to finish off modelling the windows and chimneys, then go back and clean up the model. I didn't realise how hard it  would be to model this design because when design the building I didn't really think about what this design would look in 3D (meaning what it would look from the back and sides). So I am glad that I deiced to actually sit down and think and draw this out before going in to Maya, this help alot with modelling.

Still a long way to go but starting to feel much happier now that I can see what my design are going to look like :) 

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  1. Great stuff, Sasha - personally, I can't wait to see how these are going to turn out in CG! :)