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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Transcription: Progress So Far.....

There has been a lack of post on my behalf because I have been so engrossed with modeling the rest of my buildings. But here is how my first attempt at texture my first building. I am actually really please with how it has come out but I think there are a few other things I could do to it for example added some displacement maps or bumps maps to make it feel a bit more 3D.

Just playing around with what we were taunt in this weeks tutorials about Mental Ray. 

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  1. Hey Sasha - very excited to see your world take shape, but yes, it does somehow need a bit of a lift and to somehow throw back some light and feel somehow more tactile; certainly, the dark brown area just needs to 'read' more successfully. It would be really interesting I think to see this as a turnaround - to actually understand how it might look as a proper object. Anyway - as you say - a few more tweaks, but there's something very charming in the offing here, so push onwards and be confident!