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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Transcription: Progress Update

So after taking Alan's advice about how to improve this piece as well as how I could go about lighting my final scene. One thing that Alan did suggested that I think really works for my style is adding a Toon outline which makes the building seem as if it has been drawn. 

The Bookshop building is nearly complete there are just a few tweaks to be do to the texture that I noticed on the turnaround below but this can be done when I start putting my scene together.

This turnaround is a rough version, but the official turnaround will be more professional in the way it is presented and the quality will be better. 

Next I have moved on to another building the Cake Shop (Patisserie), I have completed the modelling, uving stage next is to add texture and Toon Outline. With this Design I have built it to represent a cake and hopefully when I added the texture, it will be able to make it seem as if the windows etc are icing and have been placed on the building.