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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minor Project: More Development

After speaking with both Phil and Alan, my idea has change about how I want my character to look. My initial ideas where both realistic and stylised and were just not working because I was trying to make my character both human and doll like. So I have decided to go with the idea that my character is a wooden doll and all the detail will be carved into her or painted on to her. Now that I have made that decision I feel much more better about my character.  

Below are a few more developed faces and I think I am going to go with number 10 or 1.

So with that in mind I went back to my 2 favourite initial designs and started to think how they would look and work as wooden dolls. Both design have things that I like about them, so I am going to keep refining them, But at the moment I am a little bit drawn to the first design.


  1. Hi Sahsa

    Not sure if you come across / posted about this before but check out the segment 23mins 23sec's in.