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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Transcription:The French Confection A Nearly Final Piece

It has been a while since I last posted anything but I have been working and I can say that I am nearly finished. I got to still make a few more changes especially to the light as the scene is still too bright, it need to be a bit darker. But here is how my final piece look so far.... 

Beauty Pass

Ambient Occlusion (*need to fix problem)

Toon Outline

Final Image

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  1. really exciting, Sasha - though there's something too abrupt and neat about the way in which your buildings meet the ground plane, and your world does seem to lack shadows and a bit of atmosphere; maybe you need to think about a) a particular time of day and therefore a direction and height of 'the sun' - and also consider the colour temperature of your light - is it a golden autumnal morning? Is it a pinkish summer evening? It feels as if something needs to gel your world together - something that happens to all of its surfaces and pulls everything together as a world under one sun/season etc. I don't know if you're making a still or a fly-thru, but personally I'm really curious to travel into this space...