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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Begining of Ideas.....

After finally getting my head around my chosen theme which was theme 3 how the body protects against an infection, which is quite a big process. With several things, that I could base my animation around I decided to go with was the beginning part of the second line of defence where the virus has actually entered the body described in the description below.

How the body protects against an infection.

The immune systems job is to keep out dangerous viruses, bacteria’s even parasites and fungi’s that could cause damage to your body. With the use of cells and tissues they work together to protect against these pathogens, that are able to get into your body and form a type of disease which would then damage the body.

The body is protected by two lines of defence the first and second. The first line of defence is to keep these pathogens out of the body and the second line killing and eliminating the pathogens that were able to get into the body. Both of these two lines of defence are non-specific/inmate meaning that they don’t know what type the pathogen is but they know that they just need to respond by either keeping it out or killing the pathogen.

The first line of defence is used as barriers to keep out the virus out of the body. With three different barriers the skin, mucous membranes and stomach acid trying to stop these viruses entering the system but sometimes the viruses are able to get through these barriers and entry the body. This is when the second line of defence begins when the viruses are actually inside the body. Firstly there is an inflammatory response that will bring other cells to fight to help damage or harming the virus. Ending with the Phagocytes the white blood cells (Leukocyte) that are a type of cell that can eat up the pathogen before it does any further damage to the body.

So here is a rough step outline that I put together. I believe that there is very little content and that I might have to add more to it in when I am refining my idea.

Rough The Step Outline

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  1. good stuff, Sasha - 'eating the elephant slice-by-slice' - giving yourself boundaries and limits - good! Think positive!!!! :D