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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Unit 6 - Commission

During our brief on Monday with Dr. Klappa he specified four scenarios/themes that we could choose from, all related to threatening virus to the human body. Then after decided we are required to go through all the stages (pre-production, production and post production) which we have learned through our pasted units, to produce a complete animation. So the four themes are

Theme 1 - Infection by HIV or the life cycle of HIV

Diagram.1  HIV virus attacking a cell

Theme 2 - Making an antibody
Theme 3 - Fighting an infection

Diagram.2  Antibodies

Theme 4 - I got flu !

Diagram 3. The Flu Virus

After the briefing I am drawn to both  theme 2 or 3, but I believe that all the themes have the potential to make a great animations with the right style and aimed at targeting the right audience. I think that further research into the subject will help me narrow my choices down.

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