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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Research into Target Audience

With the many different types of audience range will could choose from I decided to go with 11 to 13 year olds who would be in the beginning years of their secondary school. Now thinking about it I realise that this could be a difficult target audience because I remember my science lessons where the images in the texts books were boring and too complicated to understand and the videos that we were shown being the same. So to make my animation meet my target audience I will have to find a way of making my animation appeal to this age range. 

So at the moment I have two ideas on a way that I could do this and they both come down to the style of my animation.

My First thought was to make the animation seem as if you were inside the human body. With the use of detailed textures and bright and bold colours, which make it seem as realistic as possible to capture the viewers’ attention. Also to make it appeal to this age range I would have to make the scientific as basic as I could do but still getting the point across. This idea inspired from the images that I posted in the post before and some of these images as well.

My second thought I had was to turn the style of my animation in to a computer/video games. I thought that this would be a good idea because today nearly every child plays some form of video/computer game. Also the theme that I have chosen to base my animation around, in the research the descriptions make it seem like some kind of war zone with things killing and destroying each other. So my animation would become part of a video game but at the same time being educational. 

At the moment I am drawn to my first idea of making my animation about the use of texture, colour and environment to appeal to this target audience, as well as to get the scientific message across to the viewer.

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