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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Character Design: Character Bio's Initial Draft

Here is the initial draft of the character bios of the Villain, Hero and Sidekick from my story.This is really rough and I am going to keep adding to it, when i get more ideas. So here is what i have got so far....

Set in a era of Victorian London, when Queen Victorian is in power and when England is the worlds most powerful nation. There lays a secret intelligence team Unknown to anyone "Enigma". Who's juty is to serve and protect her majesty the Queen and England from the enemy E.V.I.L. In the West End of London, area of St James lays a members only private gentlemen’s club for the intellectually elite. Underneath known to a few, lays "Enigma" England’s first every team of agents.


Hero: Sterling Carlton
Codename: Agent 001

He is Enigma's Top intelligence agent, a man of mystery and a master of disguise and deception. He will encounter any danger in order to complete his mission and know that his success will mean that his country is protected from any harm.
  • He is the youngest agent in the agency and has quickly climbed up the ranks of the agency, to become the Top agent. Still very new and he enthusiasm can sometimes get him into some stick situations, but he always seem to find a solution.  
  • He is very confident but this is sometimes seen as arrogance from older agents and over time he realises that he has to respect he fellow agents and slowly starts to change. 
  • With no family, expected his uncle, a very respectable businessman and also an ex Enigma agent, raised him from a young age. It was is uncle that told him when he was older enough about Enigma, and it was then when he decided that he would follow in his uncle footstep and become a agent, that would work to serve and protect his nation.
  • For a secret agent he is not the most intelligent agent but what he does have on his side is that his is strong, fast and courageous.
  • He is tall, dark and handsome making him seems very mystery.
  • He dresses in the most expensive clothes and carries the latest in gadgets.
  • Coming from a respectable family, he stands tall and hold him self with much pride.
  • Very strong and muscular
  • He wears a long black coat, silk/cotton waistcoat/vest in conservative colours, trousers that have strips down them with braces and a top hat. He also carries a pocket watch that hangs from his waistcoat, a walking stick and leather gloves with him most of the all time.

Sidekick: Crawford Winchester
Codename: The Wiz

Enigma's top inventor and 001's partner on certain top secret important missions if intelligence is need, there mission they are on at the moment is mission "Defector".

  • Also like agent 001 he is quiet young but he lacks the confidence that 001 has.  
  • He is more the brains of the mission and seems unsuited to be doing fieldwork.
  • The one thing that The Wiz doesn’t have on is side is that he doesn’t have the best of luck, so he seems to always somehow mess up a mission. Either from his inventions not have the intend effect, getting caught or blowing their cover.
  • He seems to be easily tricked that is because he is a nice guy and like to see the best in people.
  • He is the opposite of 001 in every way in looks, personality but somehow they seem to work as a great team

Villain: Dr. Vile Evillock

He is the head by Enigmas enemy agency E.V.I.L (Enemy.Vengeance.Intelligence.League).

  • He is a scientist that was dismissed by Enigma for dangerous and suspicious activity. After his behaviour start to change when he returned back from a year long mission that went wrong.
  • Know one really know what happened on that mission but one thing they do know is that this longest running agent and the best at that time changed for the worst.
  • After being dismissed, he feels portrayed by who he thought were his friends and starts to feel disgraced by his country, so he decided that he wants revenge.
  • So he decided to uses his unique scientist gift to build steam powered weapons and plan to take revenge on anyway he can.

  • He looks very old and tried, but inside he feels young
  • Several scares from old missions
  • Unlike the other two characters he will not be wearing a suit maybe a scientist coat, with steampunk styled goggles on his head.

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  1. Great stuff Sasha. I think, now you fully understand these characters, you should find it much easier to design them. I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out