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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Character Design: Initial Backstory and Synopsis Idea

After some more research I finally think that I have got an idea I can work on for a synopsis and backstory for my characters :

Set in an steam punked Victorian era , there lies a team Unknown to anyone ,who's juty is to serve  and protect her majesty the Queen and her country. Know as Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (H.M.S.I.S), the are very first team of secret agents. Maxwell Barnett, Agent 001, the top agent at the agencies along with his partner and inventor Benjamin Wilson, our on a mission to stop the enemy (Dr. S) . Wilson is the inventor that creates all of 001's gadgets but he also plays a big part in helping 001 in there mission.

Dr.S is the head of E.V.I.L the enemy agency of  H.M.S.I.S. Dr.S is ex scientist for H.M.S.I.S, who was dismissed from the agency for unruly and dangerous behavior. Feeling portrayed by his who he thought were his friends and by his own country.  He plans to destroy England by building steam power weapons and selling them to there rivals. But his many of plans never work because but every time 001 and Wilson are there to stop them but they never capturing Dr.S. So there mission is continues until they capture the enemy.

This is just a initial idea, it needs some work in terms of character names etc and but I am happy that I have got something to wok with now.

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  1. Hi Sasha,
    I think at the moment, this feels a little dry. Steam punk is a very colourful genre, crammed full of interesting and excentric characters - chitty chitty bang bang is essentially steam punk, as is league of extraordinary gentlemen, and doc browns flying train at the end of back to the future 3. By the time of James Bond, things get a little more cool and sophisticated.

    So when naming your characters, look up more exotic and excentric names - you are on the right track- you just need to push things a little further. I think Dr S needs to have a really colourful name, such as Dr Malaise or Vanaculus Mire. Look up a thesaurus for evil sounding words - do not think subtle here- its pure melodrama.

    As for acronyms, check out this site:

    If you can actually make EVIL stand for something, then your on to a winner!
    Also for HMSIS, i would attempt to make this a little catchier sounding such as S.H.A.D.O.W., or ditch the acronym and just call it something more interesting, such as the Espionage Club. If the agency is secret or small, they may not actually have a name as such, operating out of a secret room under trafalgar square or in big ben (or pick a quintessential london landmark).

    For the villains motivation, rather than selling on his inventions, i would have the villain just invent the items to cause havok - he should be motivated by revenge, rather than meer greed - maybe he was discraced by the government and vows his revenge but using his spurned gifts for evil.

    Anyway, food for thought