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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Narrative: Destination Mars

Narrative is a group project (Me, Max and Justin) were we are asked to create a 1 minute 30 seconds animated trailer for a fictional film. Inspired by a given movie title (Destination Mars) with the combination of either of these genres Sci-fi, Horror or Film Noir. The trailer itself is to be designed using one of the following methods of approach:

Option 1 – “One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future”
Option 2 – “The B-Movie: Movies of Dubious Quality”
Option 3 – “The Long Lost Film”

and also basing its cinematic roots in the time period between 1930 – 1960.

As a group we decided that Sci-fi and horror where the genres that would work  for our trailer. And for the approach we have decided that option 2 “The B-Movie: Movies of Dubious Quality” would be best which can be a challenge.

The initial idea was that something would happen on the journey to mars and then we decided that maybe they don’t even make it to mars but land somewhere else. One thing that is good is that our idea keeps growing, with every meeting we have.

Our last idea from Thursday’s tutorial with Alan, was that the characters of our film never actually make it to Mars but actually when they awake they find themselves in the Grand Canyon but the characters believe that they are on mars.

The characters we design will play a big roll in the understanding of the film, at the moment we are thinking that the characters will be a family with a mum, dad with one or two children plus a monkey. It was suggested that we play on the class of which this family is from which would explain why this family was sent to mars. We were discussing that the family’s personalities we could use to our advantage to add comedic effect to our trailer. For example the dad would be look tall and strong but actually he was a complete scaredy cat. So each character will have a different personality, also as we are sending a family to space, we can play on the traditional family arguments every family has, when going on a trip to add comedic effect.

The next step is to think about the characters, which will help when thinking of situations, they will get up to there and on the space ship.

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