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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Character Design: Develpment of Synopsis

Set in a steam punked Victorian London there lays a secret intelligence team Unknown to anyone. They are very first team of secret agents, know as "Enigma", who's juty is to serve and protect her majesty the Queen and her country from the enemy E.V.I.L.
In the West End of London, area of St James lays a members only private gentlemen’s club for the intellectually elite. But underneath known to a few, lays "Enigma" England’s first every team of agents. Top agent Sterling Carlton codename" Agent 001", is Enigma's most effective agent and will encounter danger to always serve a noble cause to protect his country. He is the man of mystery and the master of disguise and deception. But what 001 has in strength and confidence he seems to lacks in brains. So Crawford Winchester codename "The Wiz” was assigned to be 001's partner on certain top secret important missions if intelligence is need. He is also the Enigma's top inventor, he is the man to go to for the latest in top spy gadgets. Both agents 001 and The Wiz are lead agents on mission "Defector"
The mission to is stop the Enigmas top enemy agency E.V.I.L (Enemy, Vengeance, Intelligence, League), headed by scientist Dr. Vile Evillock. Dismissed from Enigma for dangerous behaviour and suspicious activity. He feels portrayed by who he thought were his friends and feeling disgraced by his own country and he wants revenge. By using his unique scientist gift for evil, in which he builds steam power weapons, in his plans to take revenge on the way he was treated. But many of his plans never seem to work because 001 and The Wiz are one foot in front of him, to stop his plans to take revenge. They never capture Dr. Evillock because even though his plans never work, he knows how to escape because he knows all of Enigma’s tricks. "Defected" is an on going mission, until they find away to capture Dr. Evillock and bring him in.

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  1. Good stuff! So were you thinking of having the Wiz as the sidekick? If so, then so long as you play up the humour, that could work nicely. Perhaps his inventions dont always have the intended effect. Being academical, he would also be unsuited to field work, so thats another source of humour