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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Transcription: New Style Direction

Personally for me I have had  several problems with style for my idea but finally I feel that I have got a style that I feel happy with but also that will satisfy my selected audience. So with my idea, when it came down to sketching environments it was starting to feel like I was just redrawing  a 1970s Paris and I was not adding any of my own style to my drawings. So After a talk with Phil yesterday about how I could get away from this he suggested I take a look at Andrew Allen short  film 'The Thomas Beale Cipher'. And maybe think about doing something similar with my own environments.  


In this animation, everything has a different texture and when the light appears on these textures they either become brighter or if the texture is  transparent or shiny they become totally white. So for me I would still modelling a 1970s Paris but apply the rules of texture, shadows and lighting from this animation to my own. 

So I decided to give it ago and experiment, by taking one of my reference photos of Paris and using several 1970s and French textures/wallpapers I have found. And apply the rules I noted from the animation about shadows and light I created this image below. 

I think for first attempt this is okay but I think there is much more I could do with this idea  and maybe I should think about making a set of my own rules to follow when design my environment. But more experimenting is definitely needed but know I am feeling a lot happier about the direction my idea is going in.

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