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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Transcription: Second Concept

Here is my second attempt at concept for my environment, which is the hotel description in the book. 

After finishing this concept I realised that I will have to follow a set of rules to help with designing the environment. So the rules are 

1. Everything will be off centred in terms of shape.
2. Each building will have its own type of patterned and colour (still needs deciding) as this will allow the viewer as well as me to understand what they are seeing. 
3. It terms of colours scene browns, yellows and oranges will be used.
4. Something transparent for examples windows etc will be either have a faded pattern or will be completely white when light shine onto it.
5. Faded pattens will express shadows. 

Now that I have a basic set of rules to follow, next I will be designing the different buildings for example cafes, hotel , restaurants etc that will go into the environment. But also things like sign, lamps, roads and pat's. Then I will be able to to put everything together and get a concept that I can then start to model. 

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  1. Hi Sasha,

    Some thoughts -

    1) Look at the work of Saul Bass

    2) Watch the Pink Panther Credits:

    3) Watch the opening to Monsters Inc

    4) Watch the titles to "Catch me if you can".

    However, be aware that you are working within the 1970's not the 1960's. Update.