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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Transcription: Style Research Part 1

I spent some time look at different styles I could reference when it comes to design my environment for "The French Confection". But the first decision I had to make was whether I was gonna to have a more realistic style or a more cartoon style. And the one that I think would work best for the age range I choose (10 - 15 year old) would be a more cartoon style.

So I have been looking at the work of Pixar. There are a couple of their animations that actually take place in Paris. Like the likes of

Ratatouille (2007)

Some concept art

Cars 2

There is just something about the colour palette that they have used in both films that make me feel like Paris for me. I think that this is something I should think about using in my own project when it comes to design and colour palette.

I know that it is not a Pixar animation but I recently went to see Monsters In Paris. It was amazing in terms of art direction, style and story. It is exactly the direction I was thinking about going in terms of the environments which are simply but with enough detail.


I think that having a cartoon style for my environment would work best for the story and the age range. Something that I am definitely sure about is the colour palette that I want to use inspired by these films.

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