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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trnscription: Film Research on Idea

To help with understanding my idea more clearly in terms of environments, in our last tutorial Alan suggested looking into the  background of the 'The French Confection'. So that meant looking at the films and history that came before. As this might allows for me to visualise  the environments better and help with when it comes to designing environments that are described in the book.

There were two films that came before William Friedkin's 'The French Connection' (1971) and then it sequel  'The French Connection II' (1975) by John Frankenheimer.

So after watch both films, I found out that the book is actually more about the second 'The French Connection II'. As the story is for a younger audience the author Anthony Horowitz has changed several thing, so there are many differences among the book and film. For example instead of set in Paris in the film it is set it Marseille, France. But one thing that has help watching the film is though it that it has aloud me to visual a French city would look like in 1970 even though it might not be Paris. Now the next step is to start working on concepts from all the research and influences I have gathered. 

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