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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Minor Project: Character Design

Here are a few more character silhouettes combining the influence of spinning tops and ballerina's. One thing that I have figured out from these silhouettes is that I want my final character to have some type of flower incorporated into the design. So in the animation itself when the ballerina starts to move and spin the flower part of the design will be animated as well. 

At the moment I am drawn to number 10, but still unsure so I am going to continue developing, using number 10 as a bases to develop... 


  1. Gorgeous stuff Sasha! I love the top from 1 and the way you've made the skirt in 9.

    I'm not sure how you were going to animate the flower elements but the image from 2 suggests the petals may come up as she spins? If so then that will look so gorgeous.

    Also, she just reminded me of the toy from Basil the Great Mouse Detective. Olivia has a little clockwork flower ballerina in it but I couldn't find you a video of it anywhere. Here's a little picture though:

    I'm not sure how good it would be reference wise but if you happen to own, or have access to, the DVD it might be worth a look :)

  2. Hi Sasha

    10 and 9 for me. I also like the idea of these being simple 3D shapes and simple colours (Peg Doll style).