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Monday, 22 October 2012

Minor Project: Very Rough Animatic

I thought that I would create a really rough animatic of my animation, just to  figure out  and experiment how my animation could play out. As you can see most of my animatic is combined of real life footage that I have come across, as this would help me with choreographing the dance part of my animation. I want it so it just starts of with the character being the only thing moving and the slowly the nature part of the painting starts to come alive and dance with her. And then around the 1.03 mark of the animatic, this is were I what the animation becomes more abstract, and all the logic has gone, something like The Pink Elephants on parade which is the example I gave in the animatic. Focusing on the line, shape and colour. 

As you can see this animatic is really, really rough, but I just want to get down how I see the animation playing out, in my own head. Now that I have got a bases to work from, I can start figure out the bits that I am still unsure about. 


  1. Hi Sasha

    Your video is set to private

  2. Yeah, I must of selected the wrong setting, all changed know should be working okay now hopefully