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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Minor Project: Character Development

Today I have spent looking and at different shapes of many influences to help with designing my character. In terms of my character, I know that I want my character to be very stylised, this was something I decided on, in my tutorial on Monday Phil. 

One of many things I took away from my tutorial was the suggestion to look at spinning tops for influence on shape. Here are a few initial silhouettes where I have tried to incorporate the shape of spinning top within the design. 

Also it was suggested that I should look into painted peg dolls, and at how all the detail is painted onto very simply shapes. Maybe this is a way I could go with my character. Here is a work in progress concept I am working on at the moment ....

I really like the idea of having my character made out of solid shapes and all the detail like hair, clothes etc being painted onto it. I think that this way of creating my character will really added to my chosen style I decided on.


  1. This is really nice Sasha! I'd love to see 7 painted onto the spinning top shape of 5. Very exciting!! :D

  2. I like 8 in terms of shape, but there's just something a little creepy about her waist area - her body is too long somehow. In terms of concept for this character, I think you should follow Molly's example - i.e. work in solid colour and bandings of shading etc for an immediately more stylised feel. The true is of her facial features, I think - go for something more obviously 'non-real world' - treat her a bit more as if she is painted wooden character.