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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Film Review- Splice 2009

 Spice is a Scfi horror movie directed by Vincenzo Natali with a twist. It starts of
you normal horror movie and the last 20 minutes of the film takes a twist that you never saw coming. 
 Splice is that kind of film that is bad but is so good at the same time that you have to watch it. For me this is what made this film so good because it had you attention and got you wanting to know what’s going to happen in then end. It tells a story that you’d think has been done to death, but approaches it from a new and surprising angle.” Right from the beginning this film has got you hooked with its dramatic opening credits. The sounds effects and imagery gets you anticipation going and you start to build this suspension of what this film had got in store for you.

 Clive Nikolai and Elsa Cast are just a plain scientist couple who are on the break of genetic engineering. Their latest creation are Fred and Ginger a pair of living blobs from which proteins can be used to create medications for diseases. They were spliced together from a number of different animals DNA. There employers want to move onto the next step but Clive and Elsa want to move up to the next level which is introducing human DNA into the project. The scientists go ahead with the experiment and create this living creature that Elsa become attached to and names Dren. Dren matures in a fully matured human/creature and this is when the film takes a dramatic twist and gets the thinking what could happen next and what does happen you wouldn’t believe. Splice suffers its biggest downfall with the script. Written by Natali himself it’s actually pretty solid up until the final third of the film.”

 "Overall, though, Splice is a creepy, well-acted and memorable film – one that couldn't have been luckier to come out at a time when breakthroughs in genetic engineering and the creation of synthetic life are making news seemingly every week."Splice questions the boundaries of what could happen in the future by questioning science and technology. Splice was realise at the rite time where genetic engineering is in the news and this film kind of gives I glimpse of what science and technology can produce.

“Splice is as much of a cautionary tale about people having kids before they're ready as it is a time-worn tale of scientists playing God.” Like the film The Fly 1986 we watch Clive and Elsa are playing god at it comes with serious consequences which you see at the end of the film.
 They go against all that they now is morally wrong so that they no that it could be done. But they don’t see coming is the way that Elsa becomes attached to Dren and she starts to treat you like her daughter. Though out the film we see why Elsa is like she is because of the way that she was treated by her mother in her childhood and the need of wanting a child of her own. It soon becomes clear to them both that they can not understand or even control the human/creature that they brought into the world. When the reality is that they have to kill Dren we still see Elsa motherly instincts as she decided weather to kill her. This ends up with Elsa losing everything that she loved in that one quick second because of their actions.

 Splice was totally different to the other films that we have watched that’s because of the fantastic imagery and the year it was made. But it does have the same meanings and metaphors for instance playing god, consequences of actions, thinking they have done nothing wrong and much more similarities with the other films. Even thought the end of the film was a bit wired all in all this was a good film about morality and genetic hybrid engineering.

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