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Thursday, 14 October 2010

More Photoshop

So i listen to Phil's advice about my hybrid and decided to draw my face as accurately as i could and then gradually added the different parts of the iguana face onto mine. I was Hoping that  this would help my hybrid actually look a bit like me from and not what i have at the moment a human sized iguana.
                                                         Image 1

Image 2                                                                       Image 3
With the first image i just decided to change the shape of my skull into the shape of the iguanas skull. I think that you can kind of see what my animal is as well as still seeing me in the image. With the second image i decided to just add the spikes that run up the back of the iguana to the image before just to see what it looked like. 
 Image 4                                                                          Image 5
With the next to images i found that it was starting not to look human enough when i added the mouth and skin of the iguana. So with the next attempts i decided to go back to image 2 and kind of start again and to try and make it more human.
Image 6                                                                     Image 7                         
 I really like the final outcome of these images because you can see what my animal is and you can see that there are parts of human anatomy in there as well. With image 7 i decided to add colour to see what it would look like with colour and i really like this image out of all of them. I am really glad that i did it this way because i could see the transformation is front off when i was doing this. So now that i have got an idea of what i want the face of my hybrid to look like i can combined it with the rest of my hybrid that i have got and go from there.

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