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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Life Drawing Lesson Six

In yesterdays life drawing lesson we were asked to not pay attention to the model but that of which surrounds her so the negative space. With doing this you should be able to see the outlines of the model by drawing the objects that you can see behind her leaving out the detail that i would normally drawing. I found this a bit hard to do with the first of the two task which lasted 40 minutes. I focused on what was behind the model and this ended up with the models outline being at bit off shape.

With the next task which was 1 hour long we were allowed to draw the outline of the model and to add detail but not to focus on the detail to much but what was surrounding the model again. I think drawing the outline in this task help me with drawing the surroundings and you can actually making out the outline of the model.

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  1. I like these, Sasha - you seem to be growing in confidence by the day! :-)

    (Oh - just a blog/style thing - can you 'justify' your text when you write? Trust me on this - it will just add another level of proffessionalism to your presentation - justify just means (you no doubt know already) that the test is spaced equally from left to right (unlike now, where you've got it aligned left). You'll find the option to justify on the icons above the typing window. I know, I know - I'm bloody fussy!